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Affiliate Marketing statistics for 2017-2018

In 2016 retailers of United States spent more then $4.5 billion on affiliate marketing; this number is predicted by experts to grow to $6.5+ billion by 2020. There was no clear statistics for 2017 yet, but we believe it must be around $5.3 billion for United States...

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5 Ways Fraud Can Ruin Your Advertising

Fraud Sucks! And it only seems to be growing as technology changes and advertising develops. With click bots, fake emails, and so much more, fraud can ruin your advertising, especially if you aren’t paying attention. Goodbye Budget! With fraud, you can say goodbye to...

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5 Great Ways to Encourage More Sign-Ups

1) Showcase Your Incentives example - SurveyMomma Do you have killer content? Do you send great emails and newsletters? What are the greatest reasons for signing up? Highlight that information. Make it the star of your sign-up page. If possible, use the word 'free.'...

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