1) Showcase Your Incentives

survey momma

example – SurveyMomma

Do you have killer content? Do you send great emails and newsletters? What are the greatest reasons for signing up? Highlight that information. Make it the star of your sign-up page. If possible, use the word ‘free.’

2) Make it Easy

example – eSurveySeeker

The time you have is limited, and if it isn’t easy, you generally don’t want to do it. Your users are going to feel the same way. Make your sign-up page as simple as possible. Don’t for their age, maiden name, and mother’s dog’s name unless you absolutely have to. I know having more information is fantastic for metrics, but it won’t help you get more sign-ups.

3) Give a Few Chances

Throw a sign-up form into the sidebar, have a pop-up box, and link to it occasionally in your content. If you ask multiple times, you may find more users will be apt to enter their information after ignoring your request the first few times.

coupons n rewards
example – Coupons n Rewards

4) Make it Worth Their While

example – Dime4Time

Create amazing content, let your users know it will go straight to their inbox, offer rewards, sweepstakes, and other bonuses to those who sign up. Don’t skimp on the quality of the content you deliver to the users who sign up. What’s worse than not having very many subscribers? Losing most of them very quickly because they don’t want to read what you are sending out.

5) Test, Test, and Test Again

Do you already have a sign-up form on your site? Have you tried changing the color? Position? Wording? Flexibility? Try something, test it, try something else, test it. If you aren’t getting the results you want, then keep trying new formats until you find something perfect for you and your readers.