Gaining more and more speed, affiliate marketing is the fastest growing marketing segment. It connects companies who want to place ads with influencers and publishers who can make their dreams come true. Long gone are the days of paying a set price for an advertisement and hoping that it works out. Affiliate marketing gives advertisers the ability to pay for what they get: clicks, sign-ups, and more.

Are you a bit confused by affiliate marketing? You’re not alone! Affiliate marketing is full of lingo and acronyms that they don’t teach in high school English. Check out this quick guide for a rundown on some of the most important affiliate marketing lingo.

Advertiser: The advertiser is the person, business, group, or website, who pays to have advertisements placed on the social media and websites of others who experience high traffic.

Publisher: The publisher is the second half of the affiliate marketing equation. They get paid to place advertisements on their websites and social media. They send clicks, sign-ups, impressions, and more to advertisers.

Affiliate Network: An affiliate network, like DynamiAds, connects the two groups together. Like a dating company, they find the best match for each publishers and advertiser.

Payouts: A payout is the amount of money a publisher receives for posting content and advertisements for advertisers. This amount varies greatly depending on the affiliate network, advertiser, and amount of traffic the publisher sees.

CPA: Cost per Action (CPA), means that a publisher will pay based on the amount of times an action is done on each advertisement. This can be likes, hearts, comments, and more.

CPM: Cost per Impression (CPM), the “M” stands for roman numeral for 1,000. An advertiser that pays based on CPM will generally pay a set amount for every 1,000 impressions of their advertisement.

CPL: Cost per Lead (CPL), means a publisher will be paid based on the amount of leads that they provide to an advertiser.

CPS: Cost per Sale (CPS) structure provides payment based on each sale that is completed through the advertiser.

CPC: Cost per Click (CPC) will provide a specific amount of money based on the amount of times the traffic on a publishers site or social media clicks on an advertisement.

Co-Registration: This is when a publisher shares their sign-up/user base with another company. The sign-ups, emails, and information they receive from users is also used by another company for a fee.

Opt-In Email Marketing: This type of email marketing is where emails are sent to users who consent, or opt-in. Often, this is done through a sign-up or subscription page.